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SafeCT® Dose Reporting is an extension of SafeCT® iterative image reconstruction product line. It is the industry's first and only product to provide dose monitoring/reporting along with low-dose CT image enhancement in one solution. SafeCT® Dose Reporting is a single software platform that enables compliance with the CT dose monitoring and reporting standards as required by The Joint Commission by July 1, 2015. It continuously captures dose information directly from the CT scanner and saves it to a database for easy retrieval and analysis. Reports can be generated as may be needed – per patient, per day, per procedure.

Main Features

  • Compliance with The Joint Commission Dose Reporting requirements
  • Automatic collection of radiation data from all CT scanners
  • Generates RDSRs (radiation dose structured reports) that can be sent to ACR DIR
  • Supports CT scanners of all vendors and models
  • Generates and exports reports based on user-defined filters (e.g. dates, site, scanner, patient)
  • Graphical display and analytics of dose data
  • Alerts in case of overdose

SafeCT® Dose Reporting is being used by numerous healthcare facilities in the U.S. Available to both existing and new Medic Vision customers, SafeCT® Dose Reporting is an enhancement to the existing SafeCT® product. It can be used in conjunction with the SafeCT® low-dose CT image enhancement solution, or as a stand-alone dose reporting system.
SafeCT® Dose Reporting is distributed by local USA distributors.

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