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We offer vendor independent CT radiation management and monitoring solutions that help achieve compliance with related regulatory requirements and initiatives: 

  • Low-dose CT scanning: Dose reduction, ALARA, Image Gently
  • Low Dose CT Lung Screening
  • XR-29 “Smart Dose” Standard
  • Dose Reporting requirements by the Joint Commission and certain U.S. states
Our SafeCT® platform supports CT scanners of all vendors and models and encompasses several proprietary patented technologies: Iterative Image Reconstruction, 3D image processing, GPU computing, and dose analytics.


Enables low-dose CT scanning

A universal 3D iterative image reconstruction system that enables the use of low-dose CT protocols, by substantially increasing SNR and image quality.

  • Allows ultra-low dose CT protocols
  • Supports scanners of all vendors and models
  • Real-time operation
  • Fully automatic operation
  • No change in the clinical workflow


Helps achieve XR-29 compliance

SafeCT®-29 is a patent-pending, add-on system that provides full compliance with the XR-29 Dose Check and Dose Report (“RDSR”) functions for CT and PET/CT systems of all vendors and models.

  • The only 3rd party XR-29 solution that is endorsed by CT OEMs
  • Provides XR-29 Dose Check and RDSR (“Dose reporting”) functions
  • The only patent-protected XR-29 solution; does not infringe 3rd party IP rights
  • Supports scanners of all vendors and models

SafeCT® Enterprise

Enterprise-level low-dose CT scanning

A fail-safe, high-performance 3D image enhancement for organizations with numerous CT scanners in multiple locations

  • Allows ultra-low dose CT protocols throughout the organization
  • Supports any number of scanners at any location
  • Fail-safe; low-dose scanning capability is "always on"
  • Fully automatic operation.
  • No change in the clinical workflow.

SafeCT®- LS

Enables Low-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening

Local or cloud-based image enhancement for low-dose CT lung screening

  • Supports Medicare coverage for low-dose CT lung cancer screening
  • Supports scanners of all vendors and models
  • Fully automatic operation

SafeCT® Dose reporting

CT Dose Monitoring & Reporting 

Enables compliance with CT dose monitoring and reporting standards as required by The Joint Commission and several U.S. States
  • Automatic collection of radiation data from all CT scanners
  • Supports CT scanners of all vendors and models
  • Generates and exports reports based on user-defined filters (e.g. dates, site, scanner, patient)
  • Graphical display and analytics of dose data
  •  Overdose alerts

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