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"After six months of using SafeCT® , we are at the low end of dose in the country without replacing or upgrading a single one of our 10 CT scanners.
We have avoided spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on new equipment while delivering the safest and highest quality diagnostic services to our patients. The implementation of the SafeCT® technology has been seamless across our practice with rapid acceptance by our technical staff and our referring community." 

Jon Robins, MD, Chairman and CEO of Imaging Healthcare Specialists, San Diego, CA., Daily News Update, Advance for Imaging & Radiation Oncology, April 14, 2012.


"SafeCT® images were consistently preferred over ASiR-50% (GE Healthcare) reconstructed images of CT examinations obtained at half dose…each of the 4 (experienced radiologists reviewing images from the 83 patient chest study conducted at the center) consistently rated SafeCT® reconstructed images as equal or better for appearance of lung parenchyma, artifacts, overall diagnostic acceptability, diagnostic confidence… and general image preference."

Christopher R. Deible, MD, PhD, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA., Comparison of Reconstruction Approaches for Improving Low Dose CT images, RSNA Annual Meeting, November 25, 2012.


 "The benefits of SafeCT® extend beyond body imaging, and this technology is used routinely for all CT examinations. Sinus CT examinations, for example, are now routinely performed with dose estimates similar to a routine chest x-ray, or approximately 0.1 mSv." 

John O. Johnson, MD, Imaging Healthcare Specialists, San Diego, CA., CT Imaging: Radiation Risk Reduction—Real-Life Experience in a Metropolitan Outpatient Imaging Network, Journal of American College of Radiology, November 2012.


 “When I was introduced to SafeCT®, it seemed too good to be true..." 

Michael Shapiro, MD, Medical Arts Radiology, Long Island, NY, Video Recording, February 2013. 

“By complying to the strictest industry regulations and offering the utmost sophisticated CT technologies we ensure that our patients receive the best diagnostic outcome, in the safest way possible to guarantee their peace of mind. Medic Vision’s SafeCT® allowed us to monitor radiation dose levels, deliver ultra-low dose CT lung screening while retaining high image quality and saving substantial costs that can be directed to keeping our top-level services” - John Basile, CRA, R.T., (R)(MR), Administrative Director of Radiology, CareMount Medical, NY.


What the experts are saying about SafeCT® Enterprise Edition:


 "We have failover between the three (SafeCT® ) servers (interconnected to our 10 CT scanners across our facilities)…if one of the servers goes down, (there is automatic) fail over to the other servers. All three (servers) would have to go down before we were out of business."
Jon Robins, MD, Chairman and CEO of Imaging Healthcare Specialists, San Diego, CA.,Vendor Neutral Tool Helps Lower Dose, Imaging Economics, June 2012.
"SafeCT® may offer a more affordable option for facilities looking to provide iterative image reconstruction for a large number of CT scanners, compared to upgrading individual scanners. We highly recommend considering this system for new and existing CT systems that do not already have iterative reconstruction." 
Optimizing CT Dose, Health Devices, ECRI Institute, August 2012.

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