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SafeCT Enterprise


for the entire organization

safeCT Medic Vision cloud SafeCT® Enterprise is a fail-safe, scalable, high-performance image enhancement system designed for organizations with any number of CT scanners. It consists of a cluster of SafeCT® servers working together to deliver top-notch diagnostic quality to CT studies acquired with low-dose protocols on any number of existing scanners in multiple locations on a network. Medic Vision SafeCT cloud

Key Benefits

  • 50% dose reduction for all CT scanners in the organization
  • Ultra-low dose CT scanning capability for the entire organization
  • Supports any number of scanners, in any location, of any vendor and model
  • Fail-safe, with automatic failover and recovery
  • Load balancing allows prioritization of certain scanners (e.g. ER)
  • Real time operation, with parallel processing by multiple GPUs
  • Fully automatic operation, no change in workflow
  • Scalable, accommodating incremental growth

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