Innovative cloud-based SafeCT® service delivers image enhancement for low-dose CT lung screening.
Low-dose CT has recently garnered support from many major medical societies as the modality-of-choice for screening heavy smokers for lung cancer. Several important studies indicate that the implementation of low-dose CT for lung cancer screening can save as many as 20,000 lives each year.

Cloud-basedSafeCT® service allows any radiology department/practice to perform low-dose CT screening for lung cancer and obtain diagnostic-quality images without having to purchase and implement new Iterative Image Reconstruction technology at their site.

The service is based on Medic Vision's SafeCT® Iterative Image Reconstruction system and BRIT's Roentgen CloudTM. With this service, LDCT lung images are securely forwarded via https (No VPN required) to remote cloud-based SafeCT®servers for immediate transformation into diagnostic-quality images. Processed images are immediately sent back to the customer's network via the secure link and forwarded to the customer PACS. The processed images remain accessible via Roentgen Cloud to the provider, and optionally, to the patient.


The remote SafeCT® service is available at a pay-per-scan fee for CT scanners of all major vendors. 

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